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The Gift Always Comes Back



In 2008-2009:

  • We surpassed our
    $30,000 challenge
    grant goal for new and
    increased gifts
  • Donor participation
    increased by 18%
  • The number of alumni
    donors increased by

The GTU still needs
your help to provide
innovative interreligious
education, preparing our
students for careers in
teaching, service, and

Harold Leach

Harold Leach

“I understood that the GTU is more
than a school; we teach people to
serve in the world.”

The GTU welcomes Harold (Hal) Leach as Chair of the GTU Board of Trustees. Leach has served on the GTU Board since 2005. He is Chief Operating Officer of Performant Financial Corporation in Livermore and also the president of DCS, Inc., one of Performant’s subsidiaries. The companies focus on business process outsourcing and workflow management technology in the accounts receivables management industry.

Leach learned about the GTU from Alan Kelchner, Leach’s minister at Danville Congregational Church, and a current GTU Board member and alumnus. “When I heard from Alan about the GTU mission, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to be a part of,” Leach says. “People feel so strongly about religion, and they don’t always agree. The GTU encourages the dialogue that helps understanding, and understanding can be the root of peace in the world.”

“When I attended my first commencement at the GTU, I was amazed by the faculty, students, courses of study, and diversity. I understood that the GTU is more than a school; we teach people to serve in the world.”

“GTU is well worth my time and money. Giving to the GTU President’s Circle, our leadership giving club, is a priority for me, as well as hosting events and writing letters to introduce potential donors to the wonderful work of the GTU. My hope is for our Board to be active in raising and giving funds as well, serving as a strong model to the community. Our donors play a critical role in allowing the GTU to carry out its mission, and I know that the gift always comes back.”

Leach says that in his 27 years at Performant he’s seen many economic peaks and valleys. He shares his wisdom: “I see transition as an opportunity. Timing is everything, and we’ll be seizing the opportunities as they arise.”