Graduate Theological Union

Amazing Alums

Alums clapping

First semester at the GTU is in full swing, with 73 new students — 36 pursuing the M.A., and 37 pursuing the Ph.D. We are so excited about our new crop of bright, energetic students who are eager to go where religion meets the world.” This issue of Currents is dedicated to the GTU’s amazing alumni, who were once right where our students are. They are now in many parts of the globe, building bridges across religious and cultural divides to make our world a better place to live. You’ll meet Mistie Shaw, who has founded a nonprofit in China to help China’s impoverished young people, and Joel Schalit, an Israeli-American author, publisher, and freelance editorial consultant based in Berlin. Joel is working on a book about Jews and Muslims in Europe. Also in this issue, read about Marvin Brown, Laura Stivers, and Janet Ruffing, who are teaching at San Francisco University, Dominican University of California, and Yale Divinity School, respectively. Each has a new book (Civilizing the Economy, currently available, by Marvin Brown, Disrupting Homelessness, by Laura Stivers, and To Tell the Sacred Tale, by Janet Ruffing, both due out this spring). Read also in this issue about new books by our alumni, and, as a bonus, catch up on our Center for Jewish Studies students’ trip to Poland last summer — surely they are following in GTU alumni tracks.

— Joanne Brown, Currents Editor