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Scholarship and Research Skills

The Scholarship and Research stream of the Professional Development Program includes developing research skills. This page is accurate but still under development.

Upcoming Workshops (Wed, 10-1p, GTU Student Lounge):              

  • Sept 4/Feb 5 
    • Doctoral Council Orientation (Dinner Board Room) - If you are planning to propose your dissertation in the 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 academic year, you are strongly encouraged to attend this orientation. The spring session will being an hour of orientation to Doc Council, followed by two hours of creating and workshopping dissertation proposals. Please bring any draft proposals on which you wish feedback.
  • Sept 25/Feb 26 - Proposals and Writing 1 - From Ideas to Outlines

    • developing thesis statements
    • finding writing allies and putting together a committee
    • types of dissertations and articles
  • Mar 12 - SPECIAL WORKSHOP - Preparing for your Comps Proposal
    • a student-led panel representing serveral Areas will walk you through preparing for and successfully defending your special comps
  • Oct 16/Mar 19 - Proposals and Writing 2 - From Outlines to Pages
    • using thesis statements to keep writing
    • writing habits and time management
    • dissertation and conference proposals
    • Spring only - this workshop will be offered in an online format, and not as an on-campus workshop - watch the Youtube video 
  • Apr 2 - Active Voice Writing
    • defining active voice writing
    • using it to propel writing without becoming grandiose
    • using active voice without sounding self-centered
    • this workshop is for native and ESL writers
  • Nov 13 - Proposals and Writing 3 - From Pages to Finished Work
    • the psychology of writing
    • how to work online without wasting time online
    • how to revise and edit drafts
    • dissertation format refresher
  • Dec 4 - Proposals and Writing 4 - From Finished Work to Publication
    • Special Guest - Dr. Kimberly Connor
    • submitting articles/manuscripts for publication
    • presenting at conferences
    • online/self-publishing and digital embargoes

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