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GTU Statement on Diversity

The GTU, an academic and faith community, is committed to valuing difference, affirming individual uniqueness, and encouraging alternative points of view within an educational and working environment of mutual respect and discipline. The GTU is committed to trust and dialogue.

This commitment requires that as a consortium and as individuals, we aggressively challenge:

(1) social, intellectual, and theological perspectives which intentionally and unintentionally exclude;

(2) behavior based on prejudice; and

(3) images that ignore, demean, and denigrate.

Using technology to increase diverse student engagement

by Justin Tanis | Tweets, YouTube, Spotify ... how does all this technology relate to the classroom, especially for the less technical among us? The article Diverse Students Go Digital, from last week's Chronicle of Higher Education, details the practical ways in which professor Shawn Francis Peters engages at-risk students through social media and the pedagogical reasons for his choices.

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