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Teaching with Moodle MOOC

What to learn more about teaching with Moodle? Or curious about what MOOCs* are all about? Moodlerooms has let us know about an online course on Teaching With Moodle, sponsored by WizIQ. The course begins on June 1st and is free and self-paced. Follow the link to sign up.


Providing Self-Help Tools for Chinese Students

Mistie Shaw

Shaw (2nd row) with some of her students

Three years ago, a spiritual director asked Mistie Shaw (M.A. ’04) where she wanted to go. Her answer was literal and unequivocal: China.

Teaching “Lower Ed”: Junior High, High School, and Community College

lower ed

Ask a GTU student what they hope to do when they graduate. Or ask some alums how they’re spending their days. If your guess is that their work, or their dream, is teaching in higher education, you may be surprised. Some have found their true calling — and true success — in helping to shape young minds in junior high through community college.

Social Media and the Seminary

social media

“Social media is changing our culture in profound and dynamic ways.”

assistant professor of Christian Spiritualities
and director of the Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership
at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP)

Scholar, Author, Teacher, Administrator — Above All, Mentor

Dr. Terrence Tilley, Ph.D. ’76, professor and chair of the department of Theology at Fordham University, and the GTU’s 2008 Alumnus of the Year, feels called to mentor. It is, he says, a part of his vocation in theology: “I get immense satisfaction if others are able to thrive because of a contribution I’ve made,” he says. Tilley is a prolific author and scholar, a dedicated professor recognized by students and colleagues for excellence in teaching, and a gifted administrator. He seems simply to weave mentoring into each of his many roles. His drive to help may have started when he was an undergraduate, working his way through the University of San Francisco as a nursing-orderly at St. San Francisco’s St. Mary’s Hospital.

Learning to Teach to the "Big Ideas"

Danté Quick, Teagle-Wabash scholar, strides across the classroom, his voice arresting, his manner assured. He’s dressed impeccably in a gray suit, crisp white shirt, and colorful bowtie. A dozen students, nearly all African American, regard a familiar image of a fair-haired, blue-eyed Jesus that Quick has projected onto a large screen. “Race,” he says, “is at the bottom of religion in America.”

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