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Rookie Card Beyond Value

Josefina J. Card, Ph.D., who prefers to go by J.J., first learned of the GTU from her friend, Judy Larsen who serves on the Board of Trustees as the representative for the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. Larsen approached Card to see if she would accept a nomination to the GTU Board of Trustees. Moved by the interfaith and multireligious mission of the GTU, Card agreed. In her first year as a Trustee, she has seen in action her belief that there are many roads to God, and that the GTU clearly helps articulate those roads.

Called to Create Leaders

Karen Lebacqz, GTU professor of ethics for 31 years, now retired, returns to the GTU from the Mendocino coast each spring for Commencement. “When I stand with students at the pre-Commencement reception where they describe their work, I am staggered,” she says. “Staggered by the range of their studies, the resources and energy they bring to their work, and the fact that they really want to make a difference in the world.”

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