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Professional Development - Teaching

Professional Development - Teaching

Teaching experience and skill are increasingly valued by employers. The Professional Development Program connects students with resources for developing teaching skills. This page is updated regularly.


2013-2014 Workshops

 Sept 18/Feb 19 - Teaching Portfolio 1

  • crafting a syllabus - in class, online, hybrid course - developing course goals

Oct 9/Mar 12 - Teaching Portfolio 2

Nov 6/Apr 9 - Teaching Portfolio 3

  • writing a strong teaching statement

Special Event - April 9th only - Newhall Fellows Lunch and Sarlo Award Lecture

  • 12pm-2 - Dinner Board Room - incoming and outgoing Newhall Fellows are invited to attend a special lecture and lunch with this year’s Sarlo Award winner, Dr. Mia Mochizuki.


​Building a Syllabus


Of Student Work

Of Instructors


​Teaching Philosophies or Teaching Staments

First Day of Class

Online Teaching

​Teaching Portfolios

​Mentoring Students

Teaching Opportunities


Other Resources


Last updated March 26, 2014

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