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Professional Development

Doctoral Student Professional Development

The Professional Development Program helps doctoral students develop academic and non-academic skills that contribute to professional success. The PDP offers workshops throughout the year, a regular newsletter, and online resources that prepare students to be leaders in communities and the academy.   Our workshops include one-on-one feedback and cover topics including academic CVs and cover letters, writing and editing, conference proposals and abstracts, job interviews, dissertation planning and writing, stage presense and public speaking, and teaching in-class and online. 

Professional Development offerings fall into three program categories: Scholarship and Research, Teaching, and Career Development.  Click on the links below to find helpful articles and resources that provide information for developing skills in each of these categories.   

  • Teaching Skills -  developing teaching experience and presentation skills.  

  • Career Development - successfully entering the religious studies and theology professions.

The 2015-2016 Professional Development Program offerings are listed below. In general, workshops are open to all GTU doctoral students, students of GTU member schools and alumni. To RSVP, email Yohana Junker, the Professional Development Program Coordinator,

Professional Development Workshops and Events, Fall 2015
Sept. 9th, Orientation to Doctoral Council and the Dissertation Proposal (10am, Dinner Board Room)
   facilitators: Dr. Arthur Holder and Dr. Kathleen Kook
Sept. 16th, Student Teaching Lunch (12pm, GTU student Lounge)
   guest speaker: Corinna Guerrrero 
All doctoral students teaching or planning to teach are invited to attend
Sept. 30th, Workshop on Writing  (10am, GTU student Lounge)
   facilitator: Dr. Som Pourfarzaneh
An interactive workshop that provides tools and strategies for excellent academic writing at the graduate level
Oct. 14th, CV/Cover Letter Workshop  (10am, GTU student Lounge)
   facilitator: Dr. JanJan Lin 
Bring a copy of your CV and cover letter to revise 
Nov. 4th, Public Speaking and Stage Presence Workshop  (1pm, GTU Student Lounge)
   facilitators: Dr. Deena Aranoff and Dr. Jerome Baggett
Learn helpful strategies for improving your stage presence and speaking skills while presenting or teaching 
Nov. 11th, Navigating the Job Search (10am, GTU Student Lounge)
    facilitators: Dr. Kathryn Barush, Dr. Kathleen Kook, and Angela Munoz 
Gain helpful information on multiple facets of the job search raning from applications to interviews 
Professional Development Workshops and Events, Spring 2016
Feb. 3rd, Orientation to Doctoral Council and the Dissertation proposal (10am, Dinner Board Room)
   facilitators: Dr. Arthur Holder and Dr. Kathleen Kook
Feb. 10th, Writing Conference Proposals and Abstracts (10am, GTU Student Lounge)
   facilitator: Dr. Rita Sherma
Bring a copy of your AAR/SBL conference proposal to revise
Feb. 25th, CV and Cover Letter Workshop (10am, Student Lounge)
   facilitator: Dr. JanJan Lin
Bring a copy of your CV and cover letter to revise
March 30th, Workshop on Dissertation Writing
   facilitator: Dr. Barbara Green
April 6th, Online teaching workshop (10am GTU Library Computer Lab)
   facilitator: Dr. Jean Francois Racine and Dr. Scott Mitchell 
April 13th Newhall Fellows Lunch and Sarlo Award Lecture (12-2pm, Dinner Board Room)
   guest speaker: Dr. Munir Jiwa
April 20th, Comprehensive Exams Student Panel (10am, GTU Student Lounge)